Undecylenic acid-Vitamin C

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Product Name: Undecylenic acid-Vitamin C

Synonyms: UDA-Vitamin C,


Cat#: 3901059


M.F.: C17H26O7

M.W.: 342.39

Description: Undecylenic acid (UDA), a naturally occurring 11-carbon unsaturated fatty acid, has been used for several years as an economical antifungal agent and a nutritional supplement. Moreover, one recent study revealed the anti-Candida mechanisms of action of UA, which reduces the hypha-to-yeast ratio and inhibits: hyphal formation, adhesion, mitochondrial activity, cell proliferation, transcriptional regulation of the cell membrane virulent factors, and biofilm formation. Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid), a known enhancer of collagen deposition, has also been identified as an inhibitor of elastogenesis. SA, applied in 50-200 μM concentrations, stimulates production of both collagen and elastic fibers in all tested cultures.  They also encourage inclusion of SA into therapeutic combinations with collagenogenesis inhibitors to prevent formation of dermal scars and keloids.

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