Undecylenic acid-Honokiol

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Product Name: Undecylenic acid-Honokiol

Synonyms: UA- Honokiol,

IUPAC Name: (10E,10’E)-12,12′-(4,6′-dihydroxy-[1,1′-biphenyl]-3,3′-diyl)bis(dodec-10-enoic acid),,

Cat#: 3901049


M.F.: C36H50O6

M.W.: 578.79

Description: Honokiol (C18H18O2), a natural product isolated from the Chinese medicinal herb Magnolia officinalis, has several pharmacological effects because of its anti-angiogenesis, anti-tumor, neuroprotection, and anti-inflammatory properties. Honokiol can easily penetrate the BBB and blood–cerebrospinal fluid barrier, so it may be an effective drug for treating CNS disorders. Undecylenic acid (UA), known as antifungal agent, still cannot be used to efficiently modify commercial dental materials in such a way that this affects Candida.

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