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sex spotkania poznan Product Name: Tyrosol-FW(Carbamate)

order Lyrica online uk Synonyms: Tyrosol-Phe-Trp,

IUPAC Name: ((4-hydroxyphenethoxy)carbonyl)-L-phenylalanyl-L-tryptophan,

Cat#: 3202011

M.F.: C29H29N3O6

M.W.: 515.57

Description: Dipeptide-4(Phe-Trp) is a dipeptide which mimics glutathione and increases the enzymes which remove reactive oxygen species. It also decreases glycation so that collagen fibers do not stiffen as much. Tyrosol, a major component of olive oil, wine and plant extracts, has been shown to have numerous biological activities, including antioxidant and neuro- and cardio-protective properties and anti-inflammatory effects.

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