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Product name: Thymopentin

Synonym: TP5, RKDVY,  TP-5, Thymopoietin 32-36,

Sequence: Arg-Lys-Asp-Val-Tyr

Catalog #: 3902006

CAS No.: 69558-55-0

Molecular Formula: C30H49N9O9

Molecular Weight: 679.78

Description: Thymopentin, a five-peptide extracted from the thymus of animals (cattle or pigs), was chosen to be the immune modulator. It can specifically promote the differentiation and maturation of T cells and natural killer cells (NK) and enhance the function of T helper cells. It can achieve a two-way adjustment to the immune system by increasing the levels of intracellular cyclic adenosine monophosphate, elevating the activity of T cells, and regulating the proportions of T cell subsets.

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