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Product Name: THC-Beta-Alanine

Synonyms: Tetrahydrocurcumin-Beta-Alanine,

IUPAC Name: 3-(((4-(7-(4-hydroxy-3-methoxyphenyl)-3,5-dioxoheptyl)-2-methoxyphenoxy)carbonyl)amino)propanoic acid,

Cat#: 3123002

M.F.: C25H29NO9

M.W.: 487.51

Description: Tetrahydrocurcumin (THC) is a stable metabolite of curcumin (CUR) in physiological systems. Tetrahydrocurcumin (THC) showed more potent tumor antiangiogenesis activity than curcumin (CUR), and this might be due to its possessing higher antioxidant activity. THC possesses extremely strong anti-oxidant activity compared to other curcuminoids. The anti-oxidant role of THC has been implicated in recovery from renal injury in mice and in anti-inflammatory responses. Beta-alanine is a non-proteogenic amino acid that is produced endogenously in the liver. Beta-alanine has been identified as the rate-limiting precursor to carnosine synthesis, and has been consistently shown to increase levels of carnosine in human skeletal muscle. Over the past ten years, beta-alanine has grown to become one of the most popular sports nutrition ingredients.

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