Olivetolic acid

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Product Name: Olivetolic acid

Synonyms: Olivetolcarboxylic acid, Allazetolcarboxylic acid,

IUPAC Name: 2,4-dihy­droxy-6-pentyl­benzoic acid,

Cat#: 3901054

Cas#: 472-15-1

M.F.: C12H16O4

M.W.: 224.26

Description: The title compound, C12H16O4 (systematic name: 2,4-dihy­droxy-6-pentyl­benzoic acid) is a natural product isolated from C. sanguinea (Schaer.) and is reported to have various pharmacological activities. Monoaromatic compounds from lichens have attracted a great inter­est in the pharmaceutical field due to their potential pharmacological activities such as anti­bacterial, anti­fungal, cytotoxic, and photoprotective activities. Olivetolic acid is the first polyketide intermediate in the cannabinoid biosynthetic pathway in Cannabis sativa (marijuana, hemp).

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