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Product Name: Idebenone-EVW(Carbamate)

Synonyms: Idebenone-Glu-Val-Trp,

IUPAC Name: (2S,5S,8S)-2-((1H-indol-3-yl)methyl)-8-(2-carboxyethyl)-21-(4,5-dimethoxy-2-methyl-3,6-dioxocyclohexa-1,4-dien-1-yl)-5-isopropyl-4,7,10-trioxo-11-oxa-3,6,9-triazahenicosanoic acid,

Cat#: 3203002

M.F.: C41H56N4O12

M.W.: 796.92

Description: Tripeptide EVW has the potential to protect against the dopaminergic neurons loss and that trophic stimulation of neuroplasticity might be involved in its mechanism of neuroprotection. Idebenone is approved as an orphan drug by the Food Drug and Administration (FDA) and European agencies for the treatments of Friedreich’s ataxia, Leber’s hereditary optic neuropathy, or Duchenne muscular dystrophy.


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