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Product Name: Daidzein-AP(Carbamate)

Synonyms: Daidzein-Astrotactin 1–derived peptide, Resveratrol-Arg-Arg-Arg-Trp-Cys-Lys-Arg-Arg-Arg,

Cat#: 3209005

M.F.: C72H109N29O15S

M.W.: 1652.91

Description: Astrotactin 1–derived peptide(AP) is a new skin-penetrating peptide. AP-based conjugates might represent innovative treatments for skin diseases, such as AD and psoriasis, but also for disorders unrelated to the skin. Daidzein, along with genistein, is a major isoflavone found in soybeans. Soy isoflavone is an attractive source of functional cosmetic materials with anti-wrinkle, whitening and skin hydration effects.

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