Quantity: 25mg


Product Name: 10-HAD-RGD

Synonyms: 10-hydroxy-2-decenoic acid-Arg-Gly-Asp,

IUPAC Name: 10-hydroxydec-2-enoyl)-L-arginylglycyl-L-aspartic acid,

Cat#: 3203024

M.F.: C22H38N6O8

M.W.: 514.58

Description: RGD peptides recognize the integrin, a receptor that is overexpressed on the surface of both tumour blood vessels and cancerous cells. These peptides are powerful tools that act as single antiangiogenic molecules, but recently also have been used for tumour imaging and drug targeting.  10-hydroxy-2-decenoic acid (10-HDA), with antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, neuromodulatory, metabolic syndrome preventing, and anti-aging activities, has been shown to increase collagen synthesis and production of the collagen promoting factor, transforming growth factor β1, in human skin fibroblasts. Such an effect is thought to mediate royal jelly skin protection against UVB-induced photoaging.

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