Month: January 2020

An efficient deprotection method for 5′-[O,O-bis(pivaloyloxymethyl)]-(E)-vinylphosphonate containing oligonucleotides

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cheap date lyrics 5′-(E)-Vinylphosphonate (VP) is an effective bioisostere of the natural 5′-monophosphate in small interfering RNAs (siRNAs). Solid-phase synthesis of VP-siRNAs requires the use of appropriately protected VP-phosphoramidites in combination with optimal oligonucleotide deprotection conditions. Addition of 3% (v) neat diethylamine to the standard aqueous ammonia deprotection conditions allows clean and rapid one-step deprotection of 5′-[O,O-bis(pivaloyloxymethyl)] (POM)-protected VP oligonucleotides, minimizing side reactions and impurities, which broadly enhances the scope of VP oligonucleotide synthesis. (Tetrahedron.Volume 74, Issue 42, 18 October 2018, Pages 6182-618.)